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33 More reasons to be Proud

Ruth reflects personally on authoring her book "33 More Reasons to be Proud". This video has received high acclaim from the Japanese web community.

Midas Office Tour

This is a great inside look at the Midas Company Limited office in Tsukiji, Tokyo. To give every aesthetic detail of the office, and explore in depth the ways employees are stimulated by the design concepts would take some time. Fortunately, from this feature you can see the outline of the office, and the basic workplace concepts of freedom of mobility, diverse work spots, and easy collaboration show themselves.

Deep Japan Promo Video

Deep Japan was launched a little less than a month ago, on August 1st, 2013. The site is alive and well with consistent posts from our valued "senpai" team, who all have vast experience making Japan their own. This is the concept and promotional video for Deep Japan, outlining what it is the site is exactly used for. Enjoy!

Senpai Introduction

We plan on introducing many of our Deep Japan Senpais through these short, informative videos on an aspect of Japan. They can be simple, just demonstrating how to do an everyday task in Tokyo, focused on the "how-to" rather than the "me". Become a Senpai and request a feature today!

Enospa Workout

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