Thursday, August 29, 2013

Douma Workplace Consulting

Midas crafts their office designs not just on the skill and input of their team of designers, but thorough "workplace" principles based on empirical tried and true data as well as progressive ideals toward a new Japanese business culture. The organic concepts of movement, collaboration and such, at work in the almost modernistic designs Midas is known for are largely conceived by their workplace consulting arm Douma. The head of Douma, Harvard, Rice and Waseda University educated  Kiyohiko Ozawa, here discusses issues in the modern Japanese work atmosphere and how he and the Midas team combine strengths to offer new solutions and innovative ways to effect growth and higher employee retainment and satisfaction for companies in Japan and around the world.

ドウマ株式会社の代表取締役 小澤清彦 が現代の日本オフィス文化によくある問題点について語ります。そして、DOUMAがどういうアプローチでその問題をなくして、日本のオフィス文化を改善していくことも。


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Midas Receives "New Office Award" from Nikkei

Midas has officially received the 26th annual "New Office Award" from Nikkei. This is not the first time they have received the award, as they were also the recepients of the award 2 years prior. However, the 21st annual award given to Midas 5 years ago was in response to designs they had done for the MTV Networks Japan office, as well as the Bearing Point Osaka office. This time around, for the 26th annual award, Midas was nominated for its own office renewal, which was completed at the turn of the new year.

The New Office Award is given in collaboration by Nihon Keizai Shinbun (The Nikkei, in English), and NOPA (the New Office Promotion Association) with the goal of revolutionzing the standard office culture of Japan to a more progressive and dynamic one. The award has been given 25 times since 1988. The intent of the award is to bring attention and awareness to the creative and functional designs of new offices in Japan, and spread the ideas globally. Each year, 13 recipients are chosen from a pool of 131 candidate companies.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jarman International is Proud to Assist Space Design Inc. for Furnished/Serviced Apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama

Jarman International KK CEO Ruth Jarman Shiraishi helped build the serviced apartment and serviced office business at Space Design Inc. and it is with great pleasure we announce a collaborative association with Space Design beginning July, 2013. With the best serviced apartment solution for short to extended stay business people in Tokyo and Yokohama, Space Design boasts over 800 apartments in the Tokyo and Yokohama area. Each perfectly appointed living space includes all the amenities required for a comfortable stay in Japan. Limited to studio and one bedroom apartments, the BUREA, B-SITE and B-CONTE Hotel Serviced apartments are perfect for single and couple business guests. Service includes 24-hour English hotline for increased peace of mind during a busy stay.

Japan Residence run by our other partner H&R Group specializes in all aspects of relocation and provides additional serviced apartment solutions in Yokohama, Tsurumi and Nagoya.

If you are looking for a great, furnished place to stay for over one month and want to spend less than 15,000 yen per day (tax included), Space Design and Relo Japan are your perfect choice. Contact Jarman International or each partner directly for a quote, consultation or apartment viewing.

Here is Ruth's tour of BUREAU Shinagawa (10 minutes walk from Shinagawa station)

And here is an informational tour of H&R Group's Japan Residence Nagoya Apartments.

We also offer the full list of serviced apartments  through Jarman International's accommodation and property site Japan Stay

Monday, August 5, 2013

Midas Office Tour

Visualize the Standard in the Future of Office Design

Our Partner, Midas Office Interior Design specializes in design centered on functionality, without any sacrifice in style. They also embrace the environmentally-oriented mindset crucial of the coming business age; when energy efficiency, space management, and sustainable usage of office materials will be a deciding factor in both budget and reputation.

Here, Ruth Jarman Shiraishi gives us a brief and informative tour of the main areas of the Midas office in Tsukiji, Tokyo. Just enough to give you an idea of the designs you can expect from Midas, they always approach a project via a thorough consultation, smart and sensible branding, and a layout to encourage employee interaction to make the "workplace" feel more like a "workspace".

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deep Japan Live and Ready

At long last, the Deep Japan idea has come to fruition, and we are proud to announce the launch of the completed site!

With content generated from our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Senpais, we will work hard to express the Japan we have all come to know and love to both touring visitors and first-timers. The site will continue to be populated with deep and nuanced knowledge, providing an excellent complementary resource for travelers looking to get in deep and absorb the real culture of Japan.

The promotional video is a great success, and gives a clear description of the Deep Japan concept:

Now you know what it's all about, why not get started today, and discover some unique info for yourself. or better yet, become a Senpai!