Monday, March 18, 2013

Midas Brings the Business

Douma Seminar and Midas Tour


Jarman International along with H&R Consultants were privileged to have the opportunity to attend an always insightful and interesting seminar from the President of Douma, Mr. Ozawa.

It can't be stressed enough that the future of Japanese business and economics as a whole rests on the shift from the traditional Japanese stale and hierarchical work environment that prioritizes loyalty and presence over creative work, to an open and employee-centered office that actually inspires diligence and dedication, rather than commanding it. Midas is the perfect example of this shift and it does so in both form and function. Ozawa-san's seminar gave insight to how Midas arrived at this juncture via a unique overview of the progress of human beings' workstyles, from hunter-gatherer's of millenia ago, to the labor-intensive factories of the late 19th century, all the way up to the present day of lightspeed communication and technology.

What is required of the modern metropolitan worker, what do they themselves require, and moreover, how can we bring multiple minds together in an efficient and harmonious way? Midas begins to answer these questions beginning with an office layout of freedom and opportunity. Free seating arrangements and multiple work and meeting stations form the basic physical elements to encourage employees to find their groove, and eventually a rhythm, at their own pace. Midas takes the office a step further with relaxation areas, snack and drink options, and even the freedom to have a glass of wine or beer while you take a seat in an easy chair on your break. Employees form the heart of any company, and it's quite clear particularly in the modern age when business opportunities can be sought on one's own, and we are not wholly dependent on "the company" to provide for us and show us the way, that not affording employees the freedom and respect they deserve is a sure fire way to burn out in the faced paced business world of today.

After the seminar the attendees were led on a tour of the Midas office, and Jarman International CEO Ruth was one of the tour guides. The vibrant and cool office vibes of Midas were match by Ruth's charismatic energy and genuine enthusiasm for letting the world know that Midas is where the future of Japanese business begins.

This meeting room is an interesting concept in motion. The bright lights, and relatively high chairs create a bit of a "tense" discussion environment in order to break out of the stereotypical lengthy and ultimately circulatory meeting styles that have come to characterize Japanese business. The tensity of this room draws out ideas, and puts them to the test of real and thorough deliberation. A bit of a mafia-style "coffee-and-cigarette-fueled-debate-in-the midnight-hours" style meeting if you will.

Midas of course has a relaxed meeting room, for longer and more detailed discussions, especially with clients. It's pristine and relaxing, with gentle lights for a less spontaneous meeting, more carefully prepared presentations, and the like.


We were happy that H&R's President Steve Burson could join us for the event, and have good discussion with Ozawa-san, as well as the Midas President Okumura-san (shown here). Japanese companies can of course benefit from the work concepts Midas is pioneering, but broadening the knowledge base and including the international members of the Japanese business world is one of the many goals of Jarman International.

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