Thursday, August 29, 2013

Douma Workplace Consulting

Midas crafts their office designs not just on the skill and input of their team of designers, but thorough "workplace" principles based on empirical tried and true data as well as progressive ideals toward a new Japanese business culture. The organic concepts of movement, collaboration and such, at work in the almost modernistic designs Midas is known for are largely conceived by their workplace consulting arm Douma. The head of Douma, Harvard, Rice and Waseda University educated  Kiyohiko Ozawa, here discusses issues in the modern Japanese work atmosphere and how he and the Midas team combine strengths to offer new solutions and innovative ways to effect growth and higher employee retainment and satisfaction for companies in Japan and around the world.

ドウマ株式会社の代表取締役 小澤清彦 が現代の日本オフィス文化によくある問題点について語ります。そして、DOUMAがどういうアプローチでその問題をなくして、日本のオフィス文化を改善していくことも。


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